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Release Name: 6.0.0 日本語言語パック (Japanese Language Pack) - Beta for RC ** langpack only

Based on developing version vtiger 6.0 RC

This is pure language package which should be installed from Module Manager.
PHP code fix for japanese specific issues are not included.

Changes: === 2013.12.22 === - full translation of language files in vtiger 6.0 RC. - changed translation of some basic words for more easy word mapping when both english and japanese UI are used. For example: - "Event": changed from "予定" to "イベント" - "Webform": changed from "Web フォーム" to "Webform" === 2012.01.21 === - update language files to 5.3.0 === 2010.09.28 === - update language files to 5.2.0 developing version: svn13268 === 2010.02.26 === - add 5 missing ja.lang.php files in modules/Administration, Help, Migration, Utilities, Yahoo folders ** this problem caused error in user setting page etc. especially in linux environment! - translate pending $$$xxx entries: $$$バンドルではありません in include, $$$Recurrence in calendar, $$$がパッケージ バージョンに一致 in settings, === 2009.11.17 === - update language files to 5.1.0 release - change translation for "Trouble Tickets" from "問題報告" to "サポート依頼" - update code patches for localization related issues - force to assign japanese font to pdf - japanese date order for detailview's update date - fix wrongly truncated utf-8 strings - fix "no xxx exists" message - fix utf-8 char garbled in popup hint on graph image - remove BOM from import CSV file(utf-8) - Mail related fix of char garbled/encoding/escape issues and others === 2008.3.23 === - package name changed, contents are same as === 2008.3.10 === - updated files to 5.0.4 svn12023(val_mar4): updated files for lang pack: include/js/en_us.lang.js include/language/en_us.lang.php modules/Contacts/Contacts.js modules/Dashboard/pie_graph.php (removed from lang pack) updated files for experimental PDF support: include/tcpdf/pdf.php === 2008.2.17 === - updated language files to 5.0.4 svn11952 - merged 5.0.3 language related solutions to 5.0.4 code - code refactoring for existing Googlemap solution: japanese and chinese address order support. - experimental support for PDF Japanese language code change: include/tcpdf/tcpdf.php, include/tcpdf/pdf.php addition: sazanami-gothic.* to include/tcpdf/fonts folder ** folder of lang pack and PDF support are separated === 2007.6.02 === - traslated updated strings between RC4 to 5.0.3 release. === 2007.5.29 === - fixed garbled japanese chars on chart - Free redistributable Japanese font (IPA font) added: Image/Canvas/Fontsipagui.ttf; Image/Canvas/Fonts/license-ipafonts.eucjp.txt - Japanese font registered: Image/Canvas/Fonts/fontmap.txt - code change: include/utils/GraphUtils.php - code fix: modules/Dashboard/pie_graph.php - support Japanese address for Googlemap search: When "日本" is filled in country field, open Googlemap by Japanese address order. - code change:modules/Accounts/Accounts.js; modules/Contacts/Contacts.js; modules/Leads/Leads.js === 2007.5.20 === - translated some strings in Calendar/Language/ja.lang.php. === 2007.5.10 === - first release

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