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Release Name: 0.2.2 TB3 Extension

Notes: We are pleased to release version 0.2.2 of the Thunderbird 3 vtiger CRM extension. This release includes a new Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks to Valmir Carlos Trindade, and an automatic login on start-up and "first run" check. The first time you start this version, you will see the first run check. Please accept the dialogue and save your setting as normal. After that you will be logged in silently when starting Thunderbird. This release also fixes a bug when adding an email the search query would not return more than 100 results. Thanks to Mark Geertsema for reporting this.

Changes: Fixed bug #273. When adding an email to a lead or contact, a broad search query would only ever return a maximum of 100 results. To fix this, the dialogue has been extended to provide an alert if the result will be large and the cursor is put into a waiting state whilst the search query is run. Addition of Brazillian/Portugese translation: Thanks to Valmir Carlos Trindade of The extension now attempts to login automatically on start up. The status bar will identify if the system is on-line or not. No alert will be presented if login is successful. The extension also now checks if it is being run for the first time. If so, it will prompt the user to configure the vtiger connection settings. For the international contributors, there are several new i18n strings added to all locales. Please update when you can. This new feature is the beginning of some work to enable the extension to maintain a connection to the vtiger CRM irrespective of the inactivity time of a user. Further work is still necessary to complete this however.

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