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Release Name: 0.3 TB3 Extension

Notes: This release provides a new login & session control system. There should now be no need visit the vtiger configuration screen once the extension has been properly configured on first run (or when you need to change it). The extension should login automatically on startup and keep the session live. It does this by storing the time-since-epoch when it first logs in and then checking this when necessary. The timer is incremented on successful transactions and reset (re-login) after 25 minutes of inactivity or more. Please use and report any issues here on the bug tracker. This extension requires the php to be built with JSON support. In most cases this will be the default, but of you experience problems similar to this bug report: you are probably missing JSON support. If you are using a version before 0.2.2, the first time you start this version, you will see the first run check. Please accept the dialogue and save your setting as normal. After that you will be logged in silently when starting Thunderbird. In addition, The Birthday and Website fields in the Thunderbird Address Book are now exported to vtiger Contacts and Leads respectiveley. Thanks to Juan Villaverde for these suggested improvements. This version has also been successfully tested against the Verification Build 2 of the forthcoming vtiger 5.2.0 release. Please test further and report any issues. This version will probably NOT work against the final release of vtiger 5.2.0.

Changes: Fixed bug #236 Thunderbird reports: "Error while computing module access. INVALID_SESSIONID...". and Feature Request #230 with the improved login and session manager. Implemented Feature Requests #269 & #270 by exporting the Birthday and Website fields from the Thunderbird Address Book. The Address Bok entries contain 2 fields for website addresses: A Work and a Private. If both are filled in, the Work address will take precident. Implemented minor changes to support working against the updated webservices interface of vtiger 5.2.0VB2.

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