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Release Name: 5.2.0 日本語言語パック (Japanese Language Pack) - Beta1 ** langpack only

language pack only.

Based on developing version 5.2 svn13268
Fix patch are not included.

As candidate for installer default langpack

Changes: === 2010.09.28 === - update language files to 5.2.0 developing version: svn13268 === 2010.02.26 === - add 5 missing ja.lang.php files in modules/Administration, Help, Migration, Utilities, Yahoo folders ** this problem caused error in user setting page etc. especially in linux environment! - translate pending $$$xxx entries: $$$バンドルではありません in include, $$$Recurrence in calendar, $$$がパッケージ バージョンに一致 in settings, === 2009.11.17 === - update language files to 5.1.0 release - change translation for "Trouble Tickets" from "問題報告" to "サポート依頼" - update code patches for localization related issues - force to assign japanese font to pdf - japanese date order for detailview's update date - fix wrongly truncated utf-8 strings - fix "no xxx exists" message - fix utf-8 char garbled in popup hint on graph image - remove BOM from import CSV file(utf-8) - Mail related fix of char garbled/encoding/escape issues and others === 2008.3.23 === - package name changed, contents are same as === 2008.3.10 === - updated files to 5.0.4 svn12023(val_mar4): updated files for lang pack: include/js/en_us.lang.js include/language/en_us.lang.php modules/Contacts/Contacts.js modules/Dashboard/pie_graph.php (removed from lang pack) updated files for experimental PDF support: include/tcpdf/pdf.php === 2008.2.17 === - updated language files to 5.0.4 svn11952 - merged 5.0.3 language related solutions to 5.0.4 code - code refactoring for existing Googlemap solution: japanese and chinese address order support. - experimental support for PDF Japanese language code change: include/tcpdf/tcpdf.php, include/tcpdf/pdf.php addition: sazanami-gothic.* to include/tcpdf/fonts folder ** folder of lang pack and PDF support are separated === 2007.6.02 === - traslated updated strings between RC4 to 5.0.3 release. === 2007.5.29 === - fixed garbled japanese chars on chart - Free redistributable Japanese font (IPA font) added: Image/Canvas/Fontsipagui.ttf; Image/Canvas/Fonts/license-ipafonts.eucjp.txt - Japanese font registered: Image/Canvas/Fonts/fontmap.txt - code change: include/utils/GraphUtils.php - code fix: modules/Dashboard/pie_graph.php - support Japanese address for Googlemap search: When "日本" is filled in country field, open Googlemap by Japanese address order. - code change:modules/Accounts/Accounts.js; modules/Contacts/Contacts.js; modules/Leads/Leads.js === 2007.5.20 === - translated some strings in Calendar/Language/ja.lang.php. === 2007.5.10 === - first release

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