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Release Name: Version 0.5


This release introduces several new features along with a fairly extensive
re-work of the way the dialogue forms are populated and general re-factoring
of some of the underlying code; hopefully this particular work will not
introduce any new errors. It should help with general maintenance and new
feature additions going forward.

0.5 introduces a new feature to create a new Lead or Contact from within 
Thunderbird. A new dialogue enables the user to provide basic details and will
also, if selected, use information from the current message to auto-populate
the form. The dialogue also enables a new Contact to be assigned to an existing
Account through a search facility. 

There is also a minor new feature whereby you can right click on any email
address in the message header and use that to create a new Lead or contact too.

0.5 also incorporates a little "intelligence" in how the extension chooses
the email address to populate the search field in the "Add message to vtiger"
dialogue box. If the email's author has an account in Thunderbird we now choose
the first email address in the To: or CC: fields instead. Unfortunately this
seems not to be 100% reliable in testing. I would welcome any feedback to 
identify the cause. The detection code is the isTBAccount() function in 
vtiger_lib.js. If it doesn't work, click on another message then go back and
try again. It seems to work 2nd time around most times for me.

0.5 also includes the ability to have the vtiger web interface open in a
Thunderbird tab. Potentially this could be very useful for tighter integration
in the future. Please share your feedback on this enhancement. You will notice 
a little vtiger button on the far right of the tab bar. Click this to open your
vtiger interface inside Thunderbird. All URLs which are _not_ local to your 
vtiger should be opened in your default web browser. This is not perfect and 
I expect some features of the vtiger UI to not work. It's more of a "proof of
concept" for some future ideas but I have found it somewhat useful even so.

Please report your feedback and comments to the project's home on the vtiger

Changes: * Improved the way the search box is populated in the Add Message to vtiger dialogue. * Introduced new feature to create New Lead or Contact. * Major re-work of the way email messages are processed prior to the Add to vtiger. * Minor bug fix & improvement to the notification system for MAC OSX users where Growl is not installed. * i18n Italian locale updates (thanks Carlo) * i18n Brazilian Portuguese locale updates (thanks Valmir) * Minor bug fix to a getStringFromMessage() call in the Add Lead from Address Book code. * Introduced German language locale support (thanks Peter) * Added testing of the required status of the Company field in the Leads module. * Tweaked the first run process a little to clean up the alerts/dialogues. * Added a tab button to open vtiger in a local Thunderbird tab. * Added a context menu item to the Message Header to enable Lead/Contact creation from any of the visible email addresses (thanks Alan Bell for that suggestion). * Fixed a bug with an error report when the extension got a 404 (not found) message back from a host. * Fixed bug #294. Character encoding was being mangled when saving a message to vtiger with non-unicode strings. Thanks to Istvan for reporting and Jonathan Protzenko for the suggested solution.

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